Kamini Roll On Perfume Oil "STRAWBERRY" -  8ml Single Bottle

Kamini Roll On Perfume Oil "STRAWBERRY" - 8ml Single Bottle

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Strawberry Perfume Oil  8ml Roll-On (Bottle)  By Kamini Of India 

 Strawberry Perfume Oil This awesome fragranced perfume oil is graceful in appearance and unique in fragrance, Its scent vastly differs from others in that it has the quality to attract instant attention and earn continuous compliments. 

Kamini Perfume Oils are a high quality perfume oil made in Bangalore India. There are 20 different fragrances within this range , all of which you can find below. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils ,a perfect substitute or alternative to spray perfumes because they are a pure oil and don't have any alcohol ,making them a much safer and healthier option .Affordable perfume and their fragrances are absolutely divine - lasting all day.